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A Review of and the Fitbit Flex

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For a therapist embracing wellness--that is being a Somatic Experiencing practitioner interested in the nervous system and all manner of somatic manifestations, the fitbit caught my attention. Athletically inclined, but aging and out of shape, I latched onto the idea that making a game out of my fitness could work to rehabilitate me, cure my insomnia and help me to thrive. For those who are unfamiliar, the FItbit is available in 4 different devices--from which one can choose a level of personal health involvement and corresponding price.

For me, the Fitbit Flex is most suitable. Water resistant and lightweight, I wear it like a watch. It syncs with my computer, counting not only my steps--large and small, but also my caloric intake and output--as well as my three dimensional movements via its accelerometer--allowing for a farily accurate recording not only of my awake activity level but also my prone, sleeping activity.

Indeed, it is the sleep monitor that got me noticing my whole self more, apart from creating personal exercise challenges... Realizing how variable the quality of my sleep can be and how restless I am even while sleeping, was a revelation and a source of curiosity about the various nervous system causes.

Some may wonder at the scientific accuracy of such a device. I probably agree. But as a student of the nervous system and the mind-body connection, it certainly refocused my attention to the three interrelated functions of food, activity and sleep--not only in the device, but in my corresponding human body as well.

In the end, that's what really matters, anyway. Right?

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